Sure. Simply set up a free in-home consultation. Our flooring expert will listen to your needs, show you what options are plausible, measure the areas, show you some flooring samples. To sum it up, he will be there to assist you the best way possible. We also offer ballpark estimates over the phone or by email.


Be careful with OPPORTUNISTIC BUYERS. If the price is too cheap, it may cost you money in the future! Opportunistic buyers buy distressed material.

Distress is a combination of items returned by a dealer, seconds, and discontinued. Day in and day out most of this material has concerns with quality and availability. A few of the items appear to be first quality, probably to fill in their selection or when they can’t find alternative items.

Items returned by a dealer usually have milling or finish problems with them, that is why they were returned. Manufacturers typically will not put this material back into first quality stock because their claim rate is extremely high on returned material; limited quantities available. Many imported species are questionable for first quality, if they are purchased at a large discount the manufacturer could not sell them as first quality and dumped them.

Discontinued are a first come first serve and there may not be material available if short on job, something goes wrong, add on, etc. Same as with returned items.

Most of these items would be trouble and the customers would not be happy.